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Paul Octopus
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Category: Sports > Fútbol > Soccer

Fun way to randomly choose between two options.

Paul, an octopus at an aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, earned worldwide attention during the World Cup with his predictions, which included Spain's victory in the final against the Netherlands.

It is an application referring to the octopus called paul who predicted 2010 World Cup matches with uncanny accuracy.
When the user presses "Next", he may write a question and two choices of answers, then when the user presses "Start", octopus randomly choose between two options.
At any time you can press "Back" to change what is written.

This application has sound effects bubbles.

Ask Paul
-What movie should I rent? Spiderman or The Octopus
-What kind of food should I order? Chinese or Italian
-who will win a match

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